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AMC Law Firm is socially aware and responsible towards the right causes and ever wiling to offer pro bono services towards the mission of ensuring justice for weaker sections of the society, raising voice against gender discrimination and environment protection.

An Initiative of AMC Law Firm, New Delhi

Making a will resolves many unanticipated disputes after the death of a Testator. Legally, it is not mandatory to make a will. But leaving a will has its advantages allowing smooth passage of property to the loved ones. It lays down a clear path of inheritance without any ambiguity. It also ensures that the property left behind is not embroiled in disputes and litigation. Though the Will does not guarantee scope of no litigation, but the same reduces them to a larger extent.

Awareness about the requirement of having a will is minimal. It is also important to execute the will in a proper manner leaving no uncertainty for their remaining family members. Persons of all ages must have their will as life remains uncertain.

Recognizing this need, AMC Law Firm, New Delhi has started a unique scheme – FREE WILL – which will enable Senior Citizens to get a definite legal advice, guidance and assistance in making their will free of cost. They are welcome to visit our office between 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday (except second Saturday).